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Custom-Made Solutions

No two financing solutions are alike. Our products meet the specific needs of your company, depending on your business model, life cycle stage and funding requirements.

Fast Execution

As a growth business you require quick decisions and execution. We offer fast, reliable processes designed to meet those needs.

Best-In-Class Expertise

We combine sound financial expertise with technological experience and an entrepreneurial approach.

About Us

Global Growth Capital partners with entrepreneurs to provide maximum flexibility for companies to meet their cash flow needs and optimise growth. We arrange a variety of customised debt products, and our unique insights and market knowledge enable us to present you with the best possible solutions for your financial needs.

Global Growth Capital is your ideal partner as we combine deep underwriting and structuring expertise with the understanding of technology and innovative business models and an entrepreneurial mindset.

The companies we work with represent a diverse range of business models and target markets yet they all possess a shared passion for growth and excellence.

"VCs have long arranged lines of credit for startups—which they can draw from, or not—at the time they invest to help them meet operating costs and ensure they don't run out of cash between rounds."

"By 2025, we predict that $1T in loans will be originated via Fintech marketplace lenders globally."

"There is a lack of sufficient capital especially in the phase when companies want to and must grow quickly."

"In 2014, alternative lending platforms in the US issued approximately $5.5bn in loans. PWC’s analysis indicates the market could reach $150bn or higher by 2025."