FinTech Lending

Fintech lending solutions provide balance sheet and marketplace lenders with debt facilities or loan purchases that are designed to be flexible and non-dilutive.

What is FinTech Lending?

Global Growth Capital arranges tailored financing solutions for Fintech companies and alternative finance companies that provide loans to consumers or SMEs through an online platform.

We partner with both balance sheet and marketplace lenders as well as companies that operate hybrid models. Fintech lending is typically in the form of a debt facility or loan purchases that is designed to be flexible and non-dilutive.

We can arrange revolving and delayed draw facilities, thus providing maximum flexibility to companies in order to meet cash flow needs and optimise growth.

We believe you know best how to manage your company and your customer relations. We won’t disrupt or interfere with your core operations. We aim to be your growth partner, providing you access to the financing you need.

Your Benefits

  • Efficient execution
  • Deep industry expertise
  • Flexible draw down and repayment structure
  • Alternative to equity dilution